Get ready to bench-press your portfolio, Top Gollum - the alpha of memecoins - is here!

All right, folks! Enough with the perpetual clown fiesta of PEPEShibaCumGMElonKishuTurboAssFlokiMoon Inu coins. Even the Inus are done playing fetch. Time for the true champion to step into the ring. Brace yourselves for the most cunning, the craftiest meme to ever leave Middle Earth - Top Gollum, the new undisputed heavyweight champion of memecoins.

$TOPG isn't here to babysit your hopes and dreams. It's here to rock the boat. So oil up those financial six-pack abs, adopt your power stance, and get ready to bench-press your portfolio. Top Gollum, the self-appointed alpha of memecoins, is on the scene to turn the table. Strap in, folks - it's about to get as chaotic as a hobbit's breakfast schedule!

About Us

How To Buy

Get your hands on MetaMask or any wallet you fancy, absolutely free, from the App Store or Google Play Store. As for you, desktop warriors, fetch the Google Chrome extension straight from Just like grabbing a freebie from a treasure chest!

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Get some BNB

Fuel up your wallet with some BNB to swap for $TG. If you're running on empty, don't sweat it! You can top up directly via MetaMask, move some over from another wallet, or grab some from another exchange and jet it over to your wallet. Consider it your ticket to the Top Gollum party!

Time to hitch a ride to PancakeSwap. Open up in Google Chrome or within the browser inside your MetaMask app. Connect that wallet of yours. Smear the $TG token address onto PancakeSwap, pick Top Gollum, and give it the nod. When MetaMask nudges you for a wallet signature, go ahead and sign it like a boss!

Go To Pancakeswap

Time to swap, champs! Take that BNB of yours and transform it into $TOPG. Market rollercoasters? They're just part of the thrill. Put on your game face and let's dive into this action, Top Gollum style!

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Token Supply


As for the roadmap, well, champs, it's like a fight in the ring - it all depends on how well we bob and weave in the early rounds. But rest assured, if this token comes out swinging, we've got some surprise knockouts lined up for the future. Keep your gloves up and stay tuned, Top Gollum style!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that we do not claim any ownership rights over the images or other content used on this platform. All visual assets, including images, icons, and any other graphical elements, are sourced from publicly accessible resources and are utilized purely for the purposes of humor and satire. This project, $TOPG, is fundamentally a memecoin intended for fun and community engagement. Please treat it accordingly and responsibly. Enjoy the experience, and remember, it's all about the memes.




Sarah "Meme Master" Johnson

Alex "Crypto Guru" Patel

Emily "Community Catalyst" Ramirez

As the Meme Master of top_gollum, Sarah brings her creative genius and wit to the project. With a deep understanding of internet culture and a knack for creating viral content, she curates and designs Gollum-inspired memes that resonate with the community. Sarah's expertise in meme creation and her ability to capture the essence of top_gollum's humor make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Alex is the resident Crypto Guru of top_gollum, with extensive knowledge and experience in the world of cryptocurrency. With a keen eye for market trends and a deep understanding of blockchain technology, he ensures that top_gollum operates smoothly and securely. Alex keeps the community informed about the latest developments in the crypto space, educates users about the benefits of top_gollum, and provides valuable insights into trading strategies.

Emily is the Community Catalyst of top_gollum, dedicated to fostering a vibrant and engaged user community. She actively engages with top_gollum holders, organizes exciting events, and facilitates interactive discussions on social media platforms and forums. Emily listens to the community's feedback, suggestions, and concerns, acting as their advocate within the project. Her passion for building strong communities and her exceptional communication skills make her an essential member of the top_gollum team.